Why you should visit Denmark, the world’s happiest country

On the Map of World Happiness, Denmark comes out in first place. Sweden, Finland, and Canada were also top 10 contenders (the US only ranked #23. I have a feeling that happiness might be directly related to universal health care, but that’s just me).

Tim Ferriss, lifestyle designer and author of the 4-Hour Workweek, just happens to have some Danish blood pumping through his cheerful veins, and he’s laid out six other reasons to visit Denmark (in case is being the happiest damn place on the planet isn’t enough for you). Here they are, but check out his blog for details:

  1. More than 80% of Danes speak English.
  2. You can visit Christiania, the anarchist state of Scandinavia.
  3. They know how to pair wines and food better than the French or Italians, or so Ferriss claims.
  4. The genetically gifted population seems to be modestly unaware of their good looks.
  5. Danish design is incredible, even if IKEA does name its doormats after Danish locations.
  6. Small location, great transportation.

What more can you ask for?