Just how bad was Myanmar flooded?

Google just updated their map servers with imagery from before and after Cyclone Nargis that struck earlier this month. The resulting data are pretty shocking.

Click on the Google map to see a regular layout of the country’s coast. You can see the cyclone’s path and what areas were flooded by checking the “Show Path and Flooding” link, where you’ll see all of the red areas that were affected.

You can see how the cyclone crushed several regions by comparing some of the pre-storm imagery against those of the post-storm. Go ahead and select post-storm, zoom way in and look at the difference among some of the homes and countryside. Scary huh?

Now would be a great time to consider donating to the relief aid going into the overburdened country. Now that the military junta is letting foreign aid in, they need everything that they can get.

If you’re out of money but have extra frequent flyer miles, consider donating those instead. Several, like Northwest Airlines, have set up dedicated sites to help you give miles to a particular charity. Heck, many of you have accounts with just a few thousand miles in them that you’ll never use. Take the five minutes over lunch and donate your miles.