Ugandan pastor arrested for possibly molesting girl on flight

41-year old pastor and head of Ugandan church, Jackson Senyonga, was arrested at Oakland International Airport under the suspicion that he might have fondled the 13-year old girl seated next to him.

The religious community worker who is known to have dedicated his life to building orphanages in Kampala and heading poverty-relief initiatives, was taken to a jail in Dublin and released on bail; the case is now with the FBI.

Google Senyonga and you’ll find that he is head of a Christian Life Ministry that has 40,000 registered members; there are also numerous articles written by him and podcasts to listen to. He seems like he’s got a lot out there and is connected to many good causes.

The fact that he could have molested a child on a plane is reason enough to question what he stands for and all the good things he seems to be doing. It also makes you want to rethink where you choose to let your child sit on a plane.

Irrespective of the case’s outcome, this is a good opportunity for the FBI to investigate this man thoroughly.