Baghdad counts on a giant Ferris wheel to attract tourists

As a way to boost tourism in Baghdad, a giant Ferris wheel is being planned. Not just any Ferris wheel either, but one that is taller than the London Eye. Certainly, a huge wheel that brings people high up in the sky for all to see will give the message that Baghdad is a safe place to come for a holiday by the time it opens.

Considering that a company to build it is still being scouted out, and the funds still need to be raised, the Ferris wheel won’t be opening any time soon.

The idea of sending people to great heights to promote the idea of safety is nothing new. This technique was also used by the Wright brothers in Pau, France in 1909 as a way to show that airplane travel was safe for everyone. Katharine, their sister, flew with Wilbur over the French countryside (see photo) to illustrate air travel safety, a necessary feat after a plane crashed killed someone.

In the Brisbane Times article that covers Baghdad’s upcoming Ferris wheel venture are several other ways that Baghdad is currently offering its residence and people who visit there fun and relaxation.

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