Super secret 11 spices KFC recipe is being relocated

In what can only described as part PR stunt, and part high value transport, the top secret recipe for KFC’s original recipe is being temporarily relocated.

The yellowed sheet of paper involved lists the 11 spices used in Colonel Sanders recipe, and is the same one still used today to create their signature fried chicken.

The relocation was necessary because Yum Brands, the parent of KFC is upgrading the security at KFC’s headquarters in Louisville in order to ensure that the recipe stays as secret as it is today.

In total, just 2 people within KFC have access to the recipe. When orders are placed for the special blend of spices, the ingredients are delivered by separate vendors so no one vendor ever has access to the exact blend.

In a scene right out of the Italian Job, a briefcase was handcuffed to a former New York city police detective, and was transported to the new undisclosed location in an armored car, accompanied by off-duty police officers and security guards.

Of course, to add a little show to the whole event, the KFC web site has even added a new section called “Original Recipe Secret Safe“. And I have to admit, the whole thing seems to be working, because I suddenly have a craving for some fried chicken…