Is Scotch the World’s Most Popular Liquor?

Airlines are suffering, as are a majority of businesses that supply luxury goods. Scotch, however, is not among the sad faces. The BBC reports that the U.K.’s most famous beverage is enjoying a 14% increase in exports over the past year. Are people drowning their sorrows? Surely there are cheaper ways to forget your pains.

Many of the new markets for high quality scotch are in Asia. Brands like Chivas Regal are a status symbol amongst the new money of China. That puts them ahead of many other luxury brands looking to cash in on the growing middle class. But sales are even high in North America and other long time scotch buyers.

This begs the question: is scotch the world’s most popular liquor? Every region of the globe has their own brand of rotgut. But when a certain type of beverage has success like scotch has enjoyed recently, one has to wonder. In Mexico and on college campuses, Cuervo rules, but what if you take the whole world into account, it has to be scotch. Am I right, readers?