Anchor Bar in Buffalo: Home of the original Buffalo wings

Buffalo is famous for several great things: tons of snow, losing the Super Bowl, and wings. In the 44 years since their invention, wings have become an American favorite, served in every bar in the country. Whole restaurant chains have developed around the buffalo wing, but does anything compare to the closely guarded secret recipe of the original?

Next time you’re in Buffalo, find out for yourself. Stop by Anchor Bar at 1047 Main Street for a taste of the original buffalo wing. According to bar legend, it was a Friday night in 1964 when bartender Dominic Bellissimo’s buddies arrived at the bar ready to eat. He asked his mother, Teressa, to whip up something special for the guys, so she went to the kitchen and got out the chicken parts that were originally destined for the stock pot. She deep fried them in a secret sauce of her own creation and served them up for the boys. The rest, they say, is history…

Now just because this bar was the first to serve buffalo wings, of course that doesn’t make it the best — but its many awards give the Anchor Bar a solid reputation as a fine eatery. Not going to Buffalo? No problem — you can order Anchor Bar memorabilia, including their signature sauces, at their online store.