Bad idea bear: Roadtrippin’ through Zimbabwe

Would you give up Christmas, New Year’s, and three weeks of your winter vacation to travel to a country wracked by every malady you can think of–economic collapse, political turmoil, widespread starvation, etc?

Yep, I’m talking about Zimbabwe, which has paradoxically been skyrocketing towards the top of my must-visit list. What’ll be particularly jarring is that I’m flying in from a 12-hr layover in Madrid and arrival in Johannesburg. I just might not want to leave either places.

Anyways, our resident Lonely Planet writer, Matt Firestone, tells me that there’s no travel guides on Zimbabwe, or at least one that has been updated in the last 7-8 years. So add that to the above list of why this whole trip will be quite an adventure. Oh, and we’re planning (as of now, when we’re still giddy by the novelty of the idea and not say, shaking in fear) to drive in by car or motorcycle!