Celebrate the season with an airport karaoke carol. Which is your favorite?

Meg isn’t fond of the idea of airport karaoke. I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread, particularly after I heard the NPR radio story about the small karaoke stages at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. That’s the very karaoke effort that Meg gave a bah humbug review.

By the time I arrived where I was going and had parked my car, the story about the airport karaoke and carol singing had me grinning big time. The story featured some of the singers along with the details of why karaoke has been added to the airport’s offerings.

In the past during the holidays, the airport has featured various local groups singing seasonal ditties. The karaoke is meant to give harried travelers something to do and enjoy while they’re heading home or elsewhere. (See article)

Most carolers weren’t bad. The last one, who belted a rendition of “Santa Baby,” was actually very good. Men and women were crooning in equal measure, although that could be due to the show’s editing.

In a way, this airport karaoke effort is like Improv Everywhere’s Food Court Musical, although it’s real. A real security guard actually belts out holiday cheer. I wonder if there’s any problem getting a person to get off the stage once he or she has been handed a mike?

If I’m passing through Houston, I’m singing “Jingle Bell Rock.” I have some dance moves to go with it. Sorry Meg, although peace and quiet is a good option also.

To listen to the NPR story on All Things Considered, click here.