Carbon Monoxide hazard: Take the detector on vacation

This is the time of year when carbon monoxide poisoning stories begin to circulate. I heard one story yesterday on the Today Show that caught my traveler’s ear. A family who was recently vacationing in Aspen died from carbon monoxide poisoning while slumbering. (See article.)

The family was staying in an upscale vacation rental where such tragedies are least expected. At the end of the segment, the suggestion was made that perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a carbon monoxide detector with you when you go on vacation. They are light, not particularly expensive and could save lives. Just remember to change the batteries or this safety feature is useless.

In this post at Traveling Mamas, Mountain Mama offers more details about the Aspen tradgedy and suggests that people make sure working carbon monoxide detectors are installed in vacation rentals and hotels before making a booking.

It has never occurred to me to check on such details. I can think of a few dodgy establishments where I’ve taken the bedspread off the bed and cleaned the water glasses before using them to stay healthy. This is just one more safety feature to add to the list.

Here’s a link to the Today show segment about carbon monoxide safety.