British Woman Attempts to Row Across the Indian Ocean

This past weekend British adventurer Sarah Outen dipped her oars into the water just off the shore of Fremantle, located in Western Australia, and set off to become the first woman to cross the Indian Ocean under her own power. All that stands between her, and her eventual destination in Mauritius, is 3100 miles of open water, including 30 foot waves, high winds, and treacherous currents. She’ll be passing through shark infested waters and dodging commercial shipping traffic along the way as well, in the hopes of setting a new speed record and claiming the crown as the youngest person to ever row across the Indiana Ocean.

On her official website, you’ll find more information about this intrepid traveler, and you’ll be able to track her progress all the way to Maurititus. Daily blog posts will give us insights into what she is dealing with out on the water, and her page on the route itself offers up handy training tips should you decide to make a long distance row of your own.

According to her home team, who are constantly tracking Sarah’s progress, she has had a bit of a rough start to the journey. High winds and choppy seas have already challenged her resolve, and she was dealing with a bout of sea sickness yesterday. Hopefully smoother conditions will return soon.

While Sarah is chasing those records I mentioned above, she’s also rowing for a cause. She’s dedicated her adventure to her dad, who passed away suddenly back in 2006, and she’s also working to raise awareness and funds for Arthritis Care, a charity very near and dear to her heart.

If everything goes according to plan, Sarah will reach her goal in less than 107 days, which is the current record. She’s now just over four days into the attempt.

Good luck Sarah!