Did a 23 year old flight attendant orchestrate Sunday’s bomb scare?

Gatwick AirportSo, we told you about the Gatwick Bomb Scare that shut down London Gatwick completely for fifteen minutes on Sunday.

We have more information. Firstly, the note was found by a passenger in the restroom, and it said “Explosive material can be found in the FWD [forward cargo department]. We have the Taliban to thank for this and it will activate.”

Secondly, they never found anything explosive on that plane except the word “explosive” on a note in a pair of a flight attendant’s shorts. In his suitcase. In the same handwriting as the note in the bathroom. That note said “Cargo Contains Explosive.”

Thirdly, 23 year old Australian born flight attendant Matthew Carney has been arrested for “involvement” in the hoax, a.k.a. “writing the note.” A flight attendant! On the flight! Not funny, Carney!

But apparently, it wasn’t a joke. According to the Herald Sun, Carney’s lawyer is claiming that he’s been having a mental breakdown and that he hadn’t slept for four days leading up to the incident. Are they going to plead insanity? This is turning into a TV movie. Fast.

He faces two years in prison, maybe more, and a lot of angry letters from the 164 passengers and 17 other crew members who were detained, fingerprinted, and questioned for ten hours following the incident.

He has not yet entered a plea, and has a hearing next month. He is being held without bail, and is reportedly on suicide watch.