Tuesday Travel Trivia (Week 29)

Welcome to Tuesday Travel Trivia, the web’s best weekly trivia contest with absolutely no prizes. A hearty congratulations to last week‘s champs Jessica and NeedCaffeine, who dominated last week’s questions like Liza Minelli dominated David Gest. (Too soon? Not soon enough?)

Want to become this week’s trivia winner? Check out the following ten questions and leave your wild guesses in the Comments. (And don’t Google the answers, ya cheaters!) Good luck!

  1. What group has described itself as “New Zealand’s Fourth Most Popular Folk Parody Duo”?
  2. Home to some of the Atlantic Ocean’s harshest weather, the Bay of Biscay is located between which two countries?
  3. Although located in Switzerland, the tiny Alpine town of Meiringen is home to a museum dedicated to what British literary character?
  4. The island nation of the Maldives (pictured) is the smallest country belonging to what continent?
  5. What is the title of Robert Frost’s famous poem which ends, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I– I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”?
  6. In 2006, Chicago’s city council banned what French dish in restaurants, causing an uproar that eventually resulted in the ban being overturned?
  7. What upcoming two-letter computer-animated film from Pixar partially takes place in the jungles of Venezuela?
  8. What country is home to the beermaker Heineken?
  9. Borscht, a red vegetable soup whose principal ingredient is beetroot, originates from what region of the world?
  10. Named the Best Hostel Chain for 2008 by the website Hostel World, Wombats has locations in which two European countries?

Last week‘s answers are hidden safely below the fold…

  1. What anise-flavored spirit was popular among late 19th and early 20th Century artists living in France, including Vincent Van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, and Ernest Hemingway? Answer: Absinthe
  2. “BKK” is the three-letter code for the largest airport in what world city? Answer: Bangkok
  3. The city of Minsk is the capital of what Eastern European nation? Answer: Belarus
  4. The fictional “Brokeback Mountain” (yes, like the movie) was supposed to be located in what US state? Answer: Wyoming
  5. Located in Morocco, the enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla are the only two European Union territories in Africa. What European country do they belong to? Answer: Spain
  6. What mountain range is traditionally thought of as separating Europe from Asia? Answer: The Urals
  7. What is the oldest Major League baseball stadium still in use? Answer: Boston’s Fenway Park
  8. What travel writer and blogger for the LA Times penned the humorous travel books Sand in my Bra, Whose Panties are These?, and The Thong Also Rises? Answer: Jen Leo
  9. The travel section in last Sunday’s Washington Post contained a plea for Washingtonians to “take back” what US city (specifically, a borough), writing that it is now “ripe for the taking, instead of ripe for getting taken”? Answer: Manhattan
  10. What are the two official languages of the Philippines? Answer: Tagalog (even Tuesday Travel Trivia makes mistakes once every 29 weeks– thanks, Eva, for the correction) Filipino and English