Let Eden Rock pick you up this summer

The beauty of a recession is that the once inaccessible becomes downright affordable (assuming you haven’t been hit too hard by economic woes). At Eden Rock on St. Barth’s, you can travel like the wealthy while paying far less. The “Pick Me Up” packages is the latest example. It feels like stealing, but don’t worry: it’s perfectly legal.

When I saw the price – around $1,500 – I thought it was per person, which made sense. Eden Rock is a luxurious place, and at that price, three nights is a bargain. I took a closer look, though, and saw that that’s the price per couple! So, you pick up the three room-nights, private airport transportation to and from the resort, champagne waiting for you in your room, a gourmet breakfast every morning and the use of a car to explore St. Barth’s (and not a shitty car). And, you can take full advantage of all Eden Rock resort facilities.

All this for two people for $1,500.

I’m thinking of packing my bags now and heading down there. In addition to being a kickass destination, Eden Rock has a hot art gallery on the premises. There are only 34 rooms (“accommodations,” really) available in this six-star hotel, and privacy is valued. And, there are a handful of uber-luxury estates for guests who truly demand insanely upscale treatment, including the recently opened Villa Rockstar.