Oyster.com launches today

Screenshot of Oyster.comOyster Hotels is a brand new website for hotel lovers and business travelers alike. They offer undoctored hotel photos and candid reviews on over 200 hotels and are continuing to grow.

How have they accomplished this? They’ve been sending journalists to hotels since March of last year — and they happen to be run by a team which includes Bing.com alumni Andy Laucius and Eytan Seidman. And what are they big on, besides honesty? Integrity. “Oyster Hotel Reviews adheres to the highest editorial standards; it does not accept compensation or incentives from hotels, and pays for all travel expenses.”

(You can find job info here.)

“Quite simply, travelers today have no reliable source to rely on for hotel information,” says Elie Seidman, founder and CEO of Oyster Hotel Reviews. “The vast majority of hotel descriptions and photos circulating on the Internet originates in the hotel’s own marketing departments and gets reproduced over and over as legitimate truth — but it’s often highly misleading.”

Naturally, you know you can trust Gadling (or why are you reading this?), but sometimes the only information you can find on a hotel is an anonymous review or an incomplete website. So, whether you’re staying at a schmancy hotel or the cheapest place you could find, it’s worth searching your lodgings on Oyster.com, even if just for a quick gander at the pros and cons before you book — or after, to make sure you don’t miss out on some great amenity!

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