Virgin America & Google host scavenger hunt at 30,000 feet

Some people are scared of flying. Others tolerate it. And people like me find it excruciatingly boring and go to sleep. But what if you could spend your time at cruising altitude competing against other travelers and people on the ground all over the United States in an online scavenger hunt? Well that’s exactly what Virgin America is doing tomorrow. In order to make flying less boring (and to highlight their fleet-wide in-flight wi-fi), Virgin America has partnered with Google to create The Day in the Cloud.

The Day in the Cloud is an online trivia challenge that will take place on Virgin America flights, but is also open to anyone not flying that day who registers for the game on the official website. Top scorers in the challenge will receive a “Year in the Cloud,” which comes with one year of free flights on Virgin America with complimentary wi-fi, a netbook and one terabyte of Google Account storage.

Two Virgin America flights have been selected to compete against each other on tomorrow, with the winning flight receiving a special prize package. Gadling will be on one of those flights competing with the other passengers, so be sure to follow us on Twitter (@Gadling), where I’ll do my best keep you posted on the action at 30,000 feet.

There are practice questions on the website, and if they’re any indication, this scavenger hunt isn’t going to be easy. It may be just the thing that keeps me awake past the drink service for once.