Gadlinks for Monday 8.3.09

This Monday, and the first week of August, begins with an apology. It’s been nearly a week since our last installment of Gadlinks, and it’s all my fault. I celebrated my 31st birthday on Wednesday, and have since been in a car, traveling between Seattle and San Francisco. Here at Gadling we are celebrating roadside attractions and undiscovered America, so it seems only appropriate to provide some Gadlinks in keeping with the theme.

And finally, my friend in Ohio sent me a video of Touchdown Jesus, and I couldn’t help but look up videos on pilgrimages to this famed roadside attraction. This one inspired me the most, though — a music video with fire dancers by the extra-large Jesus statue. The music is quite catchy, if I do say so myself.

Tomorrow, Jeremy will bring us the usual Gadlinks. ‘Til then, have a great evening!

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