SF Chronicle reports exclusive image of deranged passenger who exposes himself, punches seatmate, strips naked

There never seems to be a shortage of deranged people in the air. On a Southwest flight from Oakland to Las Vegas, one passenger exposed himself to his seatmate, then punched her in the face and took all his clothes off, forcing the plane to turn around and land in Oakland.

The suspect, 21 year old Darius Cappille, was arrested, and after a brief medical checkup, he was booked into a Dublin prison.

As is often the case with nutjobs like this, Mr. Chappille had an outstanding drug arrest warrant, which would probably explain some of his behavior.

The incident onboard came to an end when flight attendants and multiple passengers pinned him down, and upon landing, 10 police officers boarded the plane to remove him.

As more and more of these crazy people start popping up, it would appear our flights are more at risk from the mentally insane, than terrorists. It’s a shame the TSA can’t perform a simple sanity check before letting people board their flight.

[Photo credit: Danielle Lichliter / Special to The Chronicle]