Surf’s up, East Coast!

Although Hurricane Bill is playing havoc with weekend travel plans for many on the East Coast, it’s proving to be a landmark event for surfers up and down the Eastern Seaboard. This Saturday and Sunday are shaping up to be some of the biggest wave days in recent memory, and the excitement among Eastern wave riders is palpable.

With sustained winds at over 100 MPH, Hurricane Bill has been whipping the wave action on Eastern beaches into a frenzy. At the time of this post, North Carolina’s Outer Banks, was experiencing wave action of 16 to 20 feet, while Maryland, the Jersey Shore, Long Island and Cape Cod can expect waves of anywhere from 9 to 15 feet in height. In Bermuda, which has taken the full brunt of the storm, waves have been cresting as high as 30 to 40 feet!

Considering the average wave size for most of the Eastern U.S., you can expect experienced surfers to be heading to the beach this weekend in droves. For less experienced surfers and beachgoers, this is definitely a weekend to stay off the shore, as strong rip currents and unexpected wave action are going to make for extremely dangerous conditions. Do you happen to live near the water? Let us know how it’s looking this weekend in the comments.