Travel footwear review: Terrasoles Logans

From the moment I donned the Terrasoles Logans, I knew they were designed for comfort. They slipped on easily and felt, quite simply, cozy. When I stepped out of my apartment, I delighted in thinking I was wearing slippers, despite visible evidence to the contrary.

The design straddles outdoor and office – you can get away with either. With a pair of cargo shorts or the khaki uniform of a cubicle dweller, the Terrasoles Logans won’t look out of place. Yet, the flexibility of style does not compare to the comfort these shoes provide. Among the softest and lightest shoes I’ve slipped on my feet (aside from flip-flops or running shoes), they were an absolute joy to wear.

The Logans basically wrap right around your feet, snugly supporting your dogs while you put them through their proverbial (and literal) paces. The softness is what struck me, even more than with the Tukermans, but for this reason, I do have some concerns about their endurance. I’ve pushed the Logans a bit, and they have held up well. For normal use, they’ll probably have a fairly long life, but consistent urban use will be tough on these shoes. I’ve already noticed some rapid wear on the outer soles.

For streets, sand and trails, the Terrasoles Logans are a good choice – a pair of shoes you can wear anyplace. I’ve been happy every time I’ve put them on.