New Jersey’s Wild West

Wild West CityFancy a trip to the Wild West but don’t feel like leaving the Eastern seaboard? Take a trip to New Jersey’s Wild West City, a theme park in Netcong, New Jersey (right).

At Wild West City, you and your family can stroll down a replica 1880 Main Street (you can even shoot a film there, just get permission), and while there are no rollercoasters, you can take a ride on a stagecoach, a pony, or a train. The $13.50 admission ($12.50 for kids) includes 22 live shows, all the museums and live historical exhibits, a tour of their Barnyard Zoo, and panning for gold. They also have 18 holes of Old West-themed miniature golf if you are in the mood for some quaint anachronistic leisure. Anachrontastic.

Wild West City is currently in their 51st year, and though this season’s over, they have a number of post-season events for both families and the 21-and-over set, including a garage sale (they’re bound to have some quirky stuff!) and several concerts.

Your trip to the Wild West may be just west of the Hudson River. You’ll need a car to get there, but parking is free. It might be worth getting a Zipcar to get your city kids out of the city.