TSA releases operating procedures document – fails to redact top secret information

Recently, the Transportation Security Administration finally released a document containing their “standard operating procedures”. The document describes the basics on how the agency operates airport security. It’s all pretty boring stuff, and despite page after page of details, there isn’t much in the document that hasn’t already been discussed before.

What makes this document interesting is that the TSA redacted portions of it deemed classified and only available to people on a “need to know” basis. Unfortunately, the person in charge of the redacting this classified information failed to pay attention during Adobe PDF class, because he or she hid the information under a simple black box. This is the dumbest way to hide information, because the text itself is still under that box, and can be viewed with a simple cut/paste job.

The document in question has already been pulled by the agency, but many sites grabbed it and posted it themselves. I’ll stop short of linking directly to the document in question, but I’m pretty sure a quick Google search can help you out.

Update: as a commenter points out, the release of this document was not intended for the general public, but was still placed out in the open anyway…