Travel insurance for a recession-plagued world

The woes visited upon the travel industry this year have forced consumers to cope with a variety of risks that simply weren’t an issue a few years ago. With hotels struggling to pay their mortgages and airlines struggling to … well, exist, as usual … travelers need to think about what happens if one of these companies shuts its doors.

Direct Line travel insurance policies, it seems, are adapting to this new reality. If your hotel shuts its doors, car service can’t afford the gas to pick you up or airline calls it quits, you’ll be able to get some relief. The insurer also covers villa rental companies, theme parks and other travel service providers in the event of a financial failure.

And, it looks like the extremes are addressed.

If you are stranded someplace because an airline screws up while you’re on your trip, the company will pick up the tab for a flight home – a level of protection not currently included by credit card companies under the Consumer Credit Act.

Jennifer Thomas, spokesperson for Direct Line, said, “Holidaymakers are understandably looking to spend less on travel these days, and booking directly with airlines and hotels can be a good way of getting more while spending less.” She continues, “This means that it is now more essential than ever to have insurance in case these firms fail, as there is no protection from schemes such as ATOL or ABTA if booked direct. With our updated travel insurance policies, our customers can now travel with increased peace of mind, knowing that they will be covered in the unfortunate event of a supplier’s collapse.”