How to get an F in art class: fall through a Picasso

Drunken airline passengers aren’t the only people to do stupid things. An art student examining a Picasso painting somehow managed to fall into it and put a six-inch tear into the priceless work of art.

The painting, called The Actor and dating to the winter of 1904-05, was on display at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The woman who did the damage was not named, but it’s likely she won’t be showing her face around the Met anytime soon. Museum officials were quick to reassure art lovers that the damage would be repaired in time for the Picasso in the Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition, which opens April 27 and will feature 150 of the artist’s works from the museum’s collection.

There is no report on what grade she got in her class. No extra credit for guessing the correct answer.