Photo of the Day (3.28.2010)

It’s extremely hard to take good photos of wildlife. Animals move around a lot, many are active only at night and in the case of sharp-tooth predators, getting close can be downright hazardous to your health. That’s why I’m loving Flickr user toffiloff’s up-close-and-personal crocodile photo, taken at the Singapore Zoo. Sure, the danger element is gone, but there’s plenty of great technique at work here: the depth-of-field close-up on the croc and the beautiful reflection in the water’s glassy surface lend the image a true “National Geographic” feel. It makes a nice companion to this shot from earlier this month, doesn’t it?

Taken any great wildlife photos during your travels? Submit your best shots to the Gadling group on Flickr and we might just pick one as our Photo of the Day.