Tourist falls to his death in active volcano on Bali

A Swedish tourist named Daniel Fetersen died today after he plunged over 490 feet into the crater of an active volcano on the island of Bali. The 25-year-old man reportedly leaned over the edge of the crater on Mt. Batur to get a better look, then slipped and fell onto the sharp rocks below. The accident occurred at 5 AM local time.

Fetersen, along with two of his friends, set out before dawn this morning to make a guided trek to the summit of the 5633 foot tall mountain. The hike is a popular one with tourists to Bali, who enjoy watching the sun rise over the volcanic crater, and while it can be physically challenging, it is non-technical in nature, and more accessible than some of the other volcanoes on the island.

Search and rescue teams are hoping to retrieve the body from the crater by using ropes, but the operation is still on going at this time.

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[Image from Wikipedia commons used under GNU free license]