President Obama drafting legislation to abolish the Central time zone

Full of renewed energy after his health care reform victory, President Obama is hard at work on continuing the introduction of new legislation. In proposal H.R. 4980, President Obama is aiming to abolish the Central time zone.

In the proposal, Wisconsin, Illinois, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas will become Eastern time zone states, and the remaining states currently in the Central time zone will move to Mountain time.

The proposal has the full backing of the Democratic party, but the real reason behind the change is so the President no longer needs to deal with the time change between Washington D.C. and his home city of Chicago, making it easier for his friends to call him without waking him up.

As of right now, H.R. 4980 may not have the required number of votes, but the President has already hinted at adding the “abolish Central time act” to the next wave of changes made to the Health Care bill.

If the proposal does indeed become law, it’ll go into effect the next time the nation enters daylight savings time (Sunday November 7th).