Photo of the Day (06.28.10)

I like when people argue over who would win in a race between the Flash and Superman. Not that I’m a comic book geek, but it’s always a fun debate. It sure beats listening to people drone on about politics or religion. So, the Flash is super fast. But Superman is faster than a speeding bullet. Would it have to be a foot race? What if they use scooters? Or maybe old-school roller skates? What has most intrigued me, though, is the thought of those two superheroes on bicycles. You never see any superheroes on bicycles. Probably because no one ever taught them how to ride one. That’s sad.

However, if the Flash could ride a bike, I imagine he would look much like the guy in this picture taken by Flickr user jrodmanjr in Shanghai. Streaks of red and yellow with some sort of sleek costume modification. I still think Batman is cooler than both of them though.

Spied any superheroes during your travels? Or maybe you just have some epic travel photos? Upload your pictures to our Flickr pool and we might choose one to feature as a Photo of the Day.