Airline pilot to jetski from London to New Zealand on “the ultimate ride”

51 year old Jeremy Burfoot is a bit of an adventurer – and while some consider an afternoon bike ride to be an adventure, Mr. Burfoot takes things way beyond the next level.

Yesterday, the Kiwi pilot left London on his jetski, blasting down the Thames on his way to Rotterdam. The rest of his trip will take four months, and his final destination is Auckland, New Zealand – 19,880 miles away.

Riding his jetski 12 hours a day, Mr. Burfoot will travel down the Rhine and Danube rivers, then cross the Black Sea, the Suez Canal, the Red Sea, through Yemen, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia before making the final trip to Auckland some time in November.

In 2005, he circumnavigated New Zealand on a jetski to raise awareness for cancer prevention, so he does have a bit of experience on the waters. His personal mission, current location and the opportunity to donate a nautical mile can all be found on his web site. Best of luck to him on this amazing trip!