Hidden Treasures: Chicago’s Annoyance Theater

Years ago, you could walk into Chicago’s Annoyance Theater with a six-pack of beer and a pack of cigarettes, sit on one of the many battered couches in the one-room theater and enjoy an outrageously silly, sometimes raunchy and totally hilarious stage performance.

The group gained fame with their show entitled “Brady Bunch Live,” during which the actors and actresses did a blow-by-blow reenactment of a Brady Bunch episode, except with an attitude that had you rolling on the floor. Since then, the performance company has gotten a bit more sophisticated with a new location and the addition of a cocktail lounge.

The shows remain ridiculously creative with long-running performances (from back in the BYOB days) such as Co-Ed Prison Sluts and newer shows like Swear Jar. If you are into pushing the limits on comedy, the Annoyance Theater on 4830 N. Broadway is required entertainment.

M. Fuchslock is a Seed.com contributor.