The Arkon IPM-TAB1 travel friendly iPad stand

I’m a gadget lover. But I hate gadgets that are so smart that I can’t help wonder why I didn’t invent them and become amazingly wealthy and famous in the process.

The new Arkon IPM-TAB1 is such a gadget. This compact iPad stand folds up into an extremely compact (and travel friendly) little device, and unfolds into a sturdy stand.

The TAB1 can angle your iPad in several ways and weighs under 3 ounces. The stand features non-slip pads on the bottom, preventing it from sliding off your tray table when your flight hits some turbulence. Best of all, this new stand costs just $17.95, which is considerably cheaper than some other stands on the market. You’ll find more information about the new Arkon IPM-TAB1 along with a buy now button over at