Nudist cruise to Croatia ready to go!

There are only 22 spaces available for a unique eWaterways cruise. The best part of the fun offering from his London tour operator is that you won’t have to pack much: the catch is that its central theme is nudity. Hope you get a ticket with 21 other hotties, and dash off for seven days of feeling the sun and breeze against your entire body. As you explore the Croatian coastline, make some time to enjoy the scenery onboard, too.

The first cruise will hit the seas in August 2011 at a price of £500. eWaterways says it’s the first company to offer a nudist cruise in the Adriatic. According to the Sydney Morning Herald:

“Naturist holidays are popular and Croatia has a lot of nudist beaches – so it’s a great match,” said a spokeswoman. “Passengers will get undressed for swimming and sunbathing, but will be clothed for dinner.”

Smart move: buy two tickets instead of one, and stack the deck in your favor. I already have my short list in place!