United puts Economy Plus on sale, $5 more than coach

Normally when airlines put fares on sale it’s no big news here at Gadling. Not a day goes by when some legacy airline or some large hotel chain releases a paltry discount on overpriced tickets — a sale that most times is not much cheaper than your average unadvertised, competitive faremongering.

United did something a bit different this time though: they put their Economy Plus section on sale, that section in the front of coach with a bit more legroom and a lot more comfort for longer haul flights. With reductions of up to 40%, some flights in E+ are now just five bucks more than a seat in coach.

This is, unfortunately, only limited to certain routes in the endless volumes of daily United flights, but hey, for the price it might be worth looking into. The sale runs until November 12 and you can check out the full details over at United.

Alternatively, you can save that $5 and use it for a sandwich while on board, but that thus begs the question: food or legroom? Guns or butter?

[flickr image via zenera]