Camera case review: The Candy Wrap by Acme Made

The Candy Wrap

Camera bags and cases are probably one of the least exciting bunch of gadgets on the market – so when I come across something that can be considered an exception to boredom, you can rest assured that I’ll be taking it for a spin.

The Candy Wrap by Acme Made is such a case. This camera pouch is as elegant as it is simple. The case wraps around your camera, protecting its lens and screen, and attaches to the tripod screw found on the bottom of most cameras. End result – a case that is always attached to your camera, which ensures you won’t lose either of them.

The tripod rail in the bottom of the case has a small screw, and slides from left to right – this allows it to be screwed to a variety of cameras, no matter where the tripod port is.

Once attached, you simply wrap the cover around your camera and keep it shut using its large velcro pad. There really isn’t any more to it – nice, simple and clean. I tested the case on a variety of cameras – and while it may be best suited to a really compact point and shoot, It felt just as at home on a larger camera like the Nikon S8100.

The case is available in “wet black” and “wet white”, and retails for $16.99.