New Google Chrome OS notebook comes with free 3G access

chrome os notebook

This morning, Google took to the stage to announce several new Chrome related developments. After showing off their newest Chrome browser and Chrome OS, they unveiled the Cr-48 Chrome powered notebook.

Under the hood is a machine powered by Chrome OS – an operating system designed by Google specifically for mobile cloud based computing. The machine features a full size keyboard, 12.1″ screen, dual band Wi-Fi, 8 hours of use and a global 3G broadband modem.

But perhaps most importantly, for the first two years of ownership, Verizon Wireless will provide 100MB of free 3G access a month. Alternatively, you can get unlimited access for $9.99/day, without any contracts or activation costs.

Sadly, the machine won’t be available mass market just yet – you can sign up to be added to an early adopters list, and Google will then select people to get their hands on one of these. Still, if you want to take your chance at being selected, head on over to the Google product page for the Cr-48 Chrome Notebook. I think it is pretty safe to say that Chrome OS is in for a very interesting future – Google already took mobile phones by storm with Android, and they have a great chance at repeating that success with Chrome OS. Time will tell whether they have what it takes.