The Bidding Traveler takes the pain out of becoming a Priceline expert

priceline bidding traveler

Back in 2009, Gadling posted a list of tips on how to become a Priceline expert. In that article, we discussed things like “free rebids” and how to find the best way to determine how much to bid.

Now, two years later, a site has been developed that can take all the pain out that process. The Bidding Traveler knows everything there is to know about bidding on Priceline and all the tricks you can apply to booking a room with the Priceline “Name your Price” method.

Forget “The Negotiator” – when you start your booking process on The Bidding Traveler, it’ll walk you through the entire process. Once you’ve made your selections, you can manually enter them on, or let the site do it all for you.

You start by entering the city, followed by the dates you need. The site then presents the current known zone and hotel map for your destination. Pick the zone you want, then the star rating. Based on this, it’ll tell you the best numbers to bid. The site gets its information from previous users and successful/failed bids.

I’ve played around with this new site quite a bit, and find it utterly brilliant. Instead of having to do all your own research, The Bidding Traveler holds your hand and does all the hard work for you.

The site is still a work in progress, but everything I tried worked perfectly. Take it for a spin yourself next time you you need a hotel room and don’t mind gambling on Priceline.