Intoxicated skiers force Aspen restaurant to impose drink limit

Aspen restaurant hopes to prevent intoxicated skiers on the slopes.Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro, a popular on-mountain restaurant in Aspen, Colorado, has made the decision to limit the number of alcoholic beverages it serves to patrons. Starting last week, the restaurant instituted a three-drink maximum to help limit the number of intoxicated skiers who need to be escorted down the mountain on a snowmobile, or worse yet, try to ski down while under the influence.

Since it opened in 1998, Cloud Nine has been a popular watering hole for skiers on the hill. The establishment is well known for its raucous atmosphere and downing shots of Obstler Schnapps was practically a required rite of passage. That has all changed now however, as the restaurant has done away with hard alcohol altogether, serving only beer and wine during its lunch service. Management is quick to point out that the full bar is open during dinner however, as skiers can elect to use a snowcat to go up and down the mountain safely.

Considering the fact that Cloud Nine is located at an altitude of 10,740 feet, it is a wonder it has taken this long to institute a limit on the number of drinks that skiers can imbibe while lounging at the bar. It is also surprising that no one has gotten seriously injured after taking to the slopes following a prolonged drinking session. I have a hard enough time skiing or snowboarding while sober, and a few drinks wouldn’t help the situation at all.

[Photo credit: Charles J. Sharp via Wikimedia]