Love Camping And Biking? Try Kamp-Rite’s Midget Bushtrekka

camping For those interested in ecotourism as well as the great outdoors, here is a piece of gear that is perfect for you. Kamp-Rite has introduced a unique kind of bike trailer that allows campers to set up a special Kamp-Rite Oversize Tentcot tent on top of the trailer. While this may sound like you’d be sleeping on unsteady ground, the company insists that the product’s fully adjustable leveling jacks ensure a comfortably horizontal sleep on any terrain.

The Midget Bushtrekka also features a pivoting wheel set, which the website explains makes it excellent for off-roading.

“By utilizing two wheels under each side of the trailer, harnessed to a pivoting rocker frame, the trailer can easily absorb most of the uneven terrain in its environment,” says the Kamp-Rite website.

These “midget” contraptions are actually quite large, weighing 56 pounds with 41 gallons of storage capability. The tent itself is comfortable for one person, and a tight-squeeze for two, at 90 inches in length, 32 inches in width and 40 inches in height. While at $899.99 the product is pricey, though it does include the tent.

For a better idea of this innovative product, check out the gallery below.