Video: BASE Jumper Survives 400-Foot Drop When Parachute Fails To Open

A Russian BASE jumper survived a 120-meter (393-foot) drop from an electrical tower after his parachute failed to open while his friends looked on, filming the entire incident. The video, which you’ll find below, shows the man tentatively shuffle out onto the edge of the tower before throwing himself off. Seconds later we see his parachute deploy but it never opens wide enough to slow his descent and as a result he hits the ground at full speed.

Thanks to a blanket of deep, powdery snow at the base of the tower the man actually managed to survive the fall. He reportedly broke his legs, several vertebrae and his pelvis but after going through extensive rehab he was up and walking again in about three months.

I can’t be the only one who actually said “ouch!” out loud when I saw the impact.