What To Do In London With Kids: Coram’s Fields

coram's fields londonLondon can be an exhausting place, especially if you’re only 2 or 3 feet tall. If you’re taking small children to London, chances are you’ll drag them to the British Museum, which may or may not push them over the edge, depending on their age and how long you stay. Their reward should be a visit to Coram’s Fields, an outstanding playground and urban farm on Guilford Street, just a short walk from both the British Museum and the Charles Dickens Museum.

My 2- and 4-year-old boys had to be pried, practically kicking and screaming from Coram’s Fields, which was London’s first public playground and remains one of the best free attractions for children in the British capital. The place has two great playgrounds, zip-line swings and a slew of farm animals including sheep, goats, birds and some ridiculously fluffy bunnies that would melt the hearts of even the most evil serial killer.

Coram’s Fields is run by a non-profit charity and also boasts a vegetarian café, a day care and various youth sports and art programs. By all means, take your kids here, but make sure you have an exit strategy because they won’t want to leave.

[Image by Sara~ on Flickr]