Travelers’ Favorite Foods While On Vacation

sushiIf you love sushi, you’re in good company. Travelers from around the world voted Japanese as their third favorite cuisine to eat while on holiday. This relative newcomer to the global travel favorite snagged 18 percent of the vote, just behind traditional dishes from Italy (32 percent) and France (24 percent).

The more then 27,000 travelers surveyed stated a preference for Sushi, Tempura, Ramen and Japanese Soba, particularly when it comes to fine dining.

“Japanese food is seen as a great example of healthy eating and there are a variety of Japanese restaurants in every multicultural capital,” said Alison Couper from “The fact that it beat more traditional holiday dishes such as Tapas and Burritos is testament to the world class reputation of Japanese chefs.”

Several other Asian countries appear in the Top Ten list, including China (13 percent), Thailand (8 percent), Taiwan and India (5 percent). The popularity of Paella and Tapas could have contributed to Spain clinching fifth place (11 percent) on the list, while those who love Burger and Fries have helped the USA secure sixth place (10 percent) in the table.

[Flickr via ZoeShuttleworth]