Join Gadling, The Nomading Film Festival And For A Happy Hour This Saturday In New York City

Gadling and The Nomading Film Festival are back at it again, presenting you with another way to mingle with fellow travelers while also getting some free drinks for your troubles. Please join us at Lolita Bar in the Lower East Side of New York City this Saturday, September 22, to join in the festivities.

This time we’re teaming up with, and not only will there be an open bar, but we’ll also have giveaways!

The drinks will go from 8-10 p.m. or until our tab limit is reached, but we’ll be sticking around Lolita after that to continue enjoying the evening with you all!

See you on Saturday night, and as always, thank you for your support. Travel safe.

— The Gadling, Nomading Film Festival and Oyster Team.

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