Video Of The Day: Summer In Barcelona

Summer might be over, but that doesn’t mean we need to stop daydreaming about warm places and days spent at the beach. It also means that some great videos produced over the summer are now popping up on Vimeo, such as the film above by director Pau García Laita. Over the summer months, the 22-year-old filmmaker sought out to capture a day in the life of his hometown of Barcelona, Spain. From sunny shots of classic Barcelona architecture to windsurfers catching waves on the Mediterranean, the film offers a glimpse of the city that would tempt any traveler to want to hop on a plane to Spain. However, García Laita didn’t just stick to tourist trodden places; he also captured some places and spaces travelers rarely see, like the stacking of boxcars in the city’s train yard or a bird’s-eye view of some construction sites. Did he do a good job of capturing Barcelona? You tell me in the comments below.