Video: Skydiving Cats Cause Controversy In Swedish Commercial

I’m a cat person, which is different from being a crazy cat lady. I love seeing people taking their cats camping, for car rides, or neighborhood strolls. Skydiving cats, however, give me pause. It brings up a host of potential animal welfare issues, from pulmonary distress to hypothermia.

So when I first saw this Swedish insurance commercial, I thought it was cute, clever and hilarious, but I also felt horrible about liking it. I’m not alone. The ad has caused an international catfight, causing the insurance company, Folksam, to issue statements explaining the methodology behind the magic.

The airborne cats in question never left the studio. According to Jeannie Moos of CNN, artful green screen techniques swapped their furry bodies for those of human skydivers, and fans blew those whiskers back. The R. Kelly soundtrack (“I Believe I Can Fly”) is the classic final touch. Don Draper would be proud.