Blogger Megan Fernandez

Introducing another new blogger to Gadling, Megan Fernandez …

Where was your photo taken: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on a rare cloudy day. The locals sincerely apologized for the weather.

Where do you live now: Indianapolis, Indiana.

Scariest airline flown: No scary ones, luckily. But I turn into a crybaby on any cable car.

Favorite place: Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

Most remote corner of the globe visited: Birgitzer Alm, a farm at the head of a toboggan run in the Alps, outside of Innsbruck, Austria. It’s not far from civilization, but just try getting there in winter, and you’ll know what I mean.

Favorite guidebook series: MapChick’s meticulously annotated maps of the Mayan Riviera in Mexico. A couple in Iowa publishes them, and in the early days of e-commerce, you could order one online on the honor system. You’d just send them a check when your map arrived.

Dream travel destination: The Galapagos Islands.

How did you get started traveling: I worked for a travel club, which is a rare bird in the industry. It used to run nonstop charter flights just from Indy to places like Turks & Caicos and Prince Edward Island. I doubt the city will ever have such nonstop service again. One day, I learned just how unusual the company was when I answered my phone and it was Arthur Frommer, calling to write an article about travel clubs.

Favorite means of transportation: Bicycle and funicular.

Most recent trip: San Antonio and Austin, with a pilgrimage to City Market Barbecue in Luling.