Video: Helmet Cam Catches Harrowing Fall Down Mountain Face

British mountaineer Mark Roberts got more than he bargained for when he attempted to climb Snowdon Mountain last month. Roberts was using ice axes to make his way up the 3560-foot peak, which happens to be the tallest in Wales, when he was struck by falling ice. The force of the impact knocked him off the steep face and caused him to tumble more than 100 feet down the side of the mountain, all of which was captured by the helmet cam he was wearing during his ascent.

The video, which you see above, gives us a glimpse into every climber’s nightmare – an uncontrolled fall down the side of a mountain. In order to avoid these types of accidents, mountaineers are taught to self-arrest using an ice axe, but in this case it looks like the incident happens so quickly that Roberts didn’t have time to attempt to stop his fall. Fortunately, he came away from this with just a broken ankle and a few bumps and bruises, as obviously this could have turned out a lot worse for him.