TSA Postpones Allowing Knives On Planes

It looks like travelers will have to wait a little longer before bringing their pocketknives and golf clubs on board planes. According to Forbes, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has postponed their earlier decision to allow small knives and sporting good equipment in carry-on luggage, a rule that was supposed to go into effect on April 25.

Many people, including flight attendants and other airline employees, criticized the new rules after they were announced in March. A CNN contributor backed these oppositions in a highly circulated op-ed. It seems the TSA is listening, and will now look to the Aviation Security Advisory Committee (ASAC) for further input on what should and shouldn’t be on the Prohibited Items List.

Although these items aren’t allowed in the cabin, travelers can still pack them in checked luggage. So for now, it looks like our sports outings and camping trips will continue to include a baggage fee.

[Image credit: The Transportation Security Administration]