Passenger Surprised When TSA Finds Dagger Inside Cane

Transportation Security Administration

Each week, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) details some of the items they uncovered during airport searches on their blog. This week the administration found not only a record 50 firearms (45 which were loaded), but also a curious cane that concealed a 2.5-inch knife (pictured).

According to the blog, even the woman carrying the cane was surprised to find the blade inside when she tried to pass through a security checkpoint at Washington Dulles International Airport.

“It’s important to examine your bags prior to traveling to ensure no prohibited items are inside,” said the TSA. “If a prohibited item is discovered in your bag, you could be cited and quite possibly arrested by local law enforcement.”

At airports this week, officials also found 10 stun guns, two inert grenades and a can of tear gas.

[via Business Insider]