A video bike trip from Berlin to Istanbul

Josh Wedlake spent a month riding a bicycle from Berlin to Istanbul. Not only was his ride an impressive feat of endurance, the animated video recreation he’s made of his trip is nearly as amazing. For over four months upon his return, Josh was animating and editing a 3D version of his journey using an open-source animation tool called Blender.

Not only does the film provide viewers with a beautiful visual feast, Wedlake provides a wonderful accompanying narration, loaded with deep reflections and plenty of poignant moments. Passionate travelers like Josh are inventing a new method of travel storytelling, using digital tools and new methods to bring their experiences to life.

Best of all, Josh is raising money from his ride and the video to donate to charity. If you like the film, you can offer a donation here and here.

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Get out and go: Events around the world (October 28-31)

It’s time to look at the festivals and events happening around the world, and this week has a particularly spooky selection of happenings. It is Halloween weekend after all. If you’re close and have time, then you have no excuse to get out and go!

  • Denmark Since the first Music Harvest in 1985, the festival has presented contemporary music from the USA, Russia, Britain, Germany, Hungary, Finland, Poland, Lithuania and the Baltic countries, as well as from Denmark. The event takes place in Odense. It begins Wednesday, October 28 and will continue until November 7.
  • Cambodia – Coronation Day a major religious holiday all over Cambodia and commemorates King Norodom Sihamoni’s Coronation. This event takes place this Thursday, October 29th.
  • Ottawa – One World Film Festival is a platform for filmmakers and the public to exchange ideas and information about issues of social justice, human rights and the environment. The event begins Thursday October 29 and continues until October 30.
  • Hong Kong – Wine and Dine Festival is part of the a range of food and wine events in Hong Kong. The event begins this Friday, October 30 and continues until November 1.
  • Las Vegas – The Professional Bull Riders Finals take place this Friday, October 30 at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas. The event is followed by the National Rodeo Finals later in the year and will continue until November 8.
  • Transylvania – Halloween in Transylvania is a special event that will be held this Saturday, October 31,. The festival includes tours, shows and celebrations that follow the footsteps of Bram Stoker’s novel character, Count Dracula.

If you make it to one of these events, let us know how it was. If you know of an even that’s coming up, please let us here at Gadling know and we’ll be sure to include it in the next “Get out and go” round-up.

‘Til next week, have a great Halloween weekend.

Gadlinks for Wednesday 10.7.09

TGI Wednesday! I am really craving some down time and am ready for the weekend already. Only two more days to go, everyone. Hang in there. To keep your week plugging along, here are the latest and greatest travel reads from around the web.

‘Til tomorrow, have a great evening!

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Cyclist circles the globe in 174 days

Last weekend, British cyclist James Bowthorpe rolled into London’s Hyde Park, finishing an epic ride around the globe, and setting a new world’s record in the process. Bowthorpe became the fastest person to circumnavigate the planet by bike, finishing the 18,000 mile ride in 174 days, beating the old record by 20 days.

Bowthorpe’s journey took him across France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, the Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States, before returning him home. In order to finish in this record time, he averaged more than 100 miles per day, and near the end of his journey, he was riding as much as 150 miles in a single go.

The 32-year old cyclist, who rode to raise funds for Parkinson’s research, faced plenty of challenges along the way. The weather was a constant adversary with high winds and rains tormenting him at times, while heat and humidity took their toll at others. Road conditions were tricky in some of the more remote areas as well, and while he was riding through India, Bowthrope took ill and spent three days in bed trying to recover.

The new record bests the one set by Mark Beaumont last year when he circled the globe in 194 days. Beumont is currently on another long distance cycling expedition, riding from Anchorage, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in South America.

Although the ride may be over for Bowthorpe, his goal to raise money to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease continues. He had hoped to raise £1.8 million on his journey, and he is still focused on reaching that goal. To find out more about James and his long distance ride, and how you can contribute to his cause, go to GlobeCycle.org.

Galley Gossip: The official laviators music video!

Dear Heather,
My name is George, I am from Europe and I’m 19 years old. I know about your websites since a long time. Today I was browsing and I’ve discovered the pictures with the laviators. In the same time I was listening to a song and I’ve got inspired. I have a great idea of making a video with all your laviators and send it to you as gift. I will use the pictures only for you and me. I won’t publish it. If you want you can use it for your websites, I think everyone will like it as it’s kind of tribute or so. I’m sure it will be nice, great and fun. Please don’t break my heart and give me your accept. I will send you a sample first so you can decide what to do with it. It’s my gift, please accept it. : ) Thank you very much!

Kind regards,


PS I’ve never traveled by plane even if this was one of my dreams (include becoming a flight-attendant!) but I couldn’t afford a trip. I am fond of airlines. I know all the procedures. I have collections of airline newspaper advertisements and I have videos on YouTube as well. I once had a virtual airline…I love the crews. When I see an airplane my heart melts. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

Fly beautiful!

Dear George,

Not only do I give you my accept, I LOVE IT! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t even tell you how much this video has made my day and I can’t wait to share it with all the other laviators! George, you are too kind. I really wish I could fly to wherever you are in Europe (Romania, I think) and give you a big fat hug.

Now we’ve got to figure out a way to get you on an airplane! SOON. I mean how can it be that someone like you, someone who absolutely loves everything about aviation, someone whose heart melts when he sees an airplane, has not yet flown! It’s just not right. Something must be done about this.

Again, thank you George.


For those of you who have absolutely no idea what this is all about, read my Galley Gossip post, the hottest trend on the airplane since the mile high club, as well as what MSNBC recently wrote, The New Mile High Club is “G” Rated . And then, next time you fly, don’t forget to pack a camera in a carry-on bag and whatever you do, don’t be afraid to get creative! Need a few photography tips before you slide the camera into the pocket and make a move to the lav? Check out what our very own Gadling photography expert, Karen Walrond, suggests when it comes to taking a self portrait. Until then, take the poll below and let me know which phrase you prefer on YOUR T-shirt…