‘Riding Shotgun’ Reddit Series Rolls Into New Orleans

When last we posted about Zach Anner, it was to inform you that he and reddit had partnered up to launch an online series called “Riding Shotgun.” The premise is simple, albeit it a great example of next-gen multi-media. Zach, who has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair, travels to various domestic destinations and participates in activities, all culled from and selected by vote by reddit users.

If this sounds warped, it’s only because that’s how Zach rolls (pun intended). He’s handsome, funny, charming, and by his own admission, has lousy luck with women. The latest episode takes place in New Orleans. Zach and his crew visit legendary restaurant Antoine’s, and then go honky-tonkin’ at Tulane University dive The Boot. Check it out, below.

Video Of The Day: TJ Elevator Fan At Hampton Hotels

I’m not usually impressed by corporate videos, but sometimes a corporation gets behind a story in a video that is unshakably touching. When I caught wind of this video made by the Hampton Hotels’ Asheville branch, I wanted to check it out for myself. Featuring a boy named TJ who is better known as TJ Elevator Fan, this hotel went above and beyond to make TJ feel welcome when he visited their location. TJ has Cerebral Palsy, so everyday situations aren’t always as easy for him as they would be for you or me, but this Asheville hotel went way out of their way to make sure TJ’s stay was as easy and special as possible. Check it out.

Mila Kunis Trapped In Hot Elevator For 45 Minutes

Another unruly family kicked off plane

Oh boy, oh boy. Just a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a family with an autistic child being booted off an American eagle flight for “out-of control” behavior.

Today, another “unruly family” hit the news.

A woman, her 5-month-pregnant sister and four kids were kicked off a flight after they were misbehaving on a Southwest Airlines flight to Phoenix. As they were getting off the plane at Phoenix, airport police were already waiting for them and prevented them from boarding their connection to Seattle, CNN reports.

You can watch the video here. Yeah, emotions definitely ran high here. Glad I wasn’t on that flight!

The interesting thing is that this family, like the one from two weeks ago, also traveled with an autistic child. On top of that, they had one child with cerebral palsy. It seems to me that airlines need to better prepare for more and more families traveling with special-needs children. (And other passengers need to start realizing that in times of cheap mass air travel, there is no divine right to a quiet flight. Hmm, I’m sure that will go over well.)

What strange things have been found on planes?

Click the image to read the bizarre story…